Observations from Casa Grande, AZ…

I’ve witnessed the following on MANY occasions:

A large population of people here can and do possess the ability to move lightning fast (largely when they’re using a walker). This action can most readily be seen (or rather…not seen) when the opportunity presents itself for them to walk directly in front of (or behind) a moving vehicle – especially in a tight parking lot or street corners where cars are actively turning right.    

Traffic lights display a “recommendation” rather than a universal rule. I have seen cars come to a complete stop at green lights and then actively drive through a red light. Or, people honking their horns and shaking their fist at the car in front of them, who has stopped at a red light.

Turn signals were apparently invented after most of the people here learned to drive (or most of the vehicles here have broken turn signals).

The left lane is not a place designed for faster-moving traffic but rather a place to drive slower and be closer to oncoming traffic.  

Sunday Skydiving – Eloy, AZ

and, LOT’s of people can skydive together!
I also learned that many adventure seeking skydiver’s had previously been into motorcycle racing and downhill dirt biking BUT now skydive because they feel like it is safer! Who knew?


“If a man is to have a fault, it should be a passionate one, like insatiable curiosity. It would be a pity to be damned for something paltry…When you come at last to die, you may be devoid of all other urges and senses and faculties, but you will still possess your passion of curiosity… And in those last moments it will make you grieve… Not for anything you have done in your lifetime, but for the things you never got to do.”

The Journeyer, by Gary Jennings